Sonntag, 28. Februar 2010

Fuji Sunrise

Fuji Sunrise, originally uploaded by S3er.

This picture was taken from the top of the mount Fuji just after the sunrise!!!

Flamingo Freeze

Flamingo Freeze, originally uploaded by S3er.

It's a really hard winter here in Germany. My fiancée, some friends and I went to the zoo in Hannover some weeks ago.

Most animals where inside but these poor flamingos had to stay outside in the cold water...

Akihabara Colors

Akihabara Colors, originally uploaded by S3er.

Akihabara is the famous electronic district of Tokyo. It is loud, crowded, crazy... and it is really colorful, especially at night!

I took this picture by holding the 350D out of a window so don't make jokes about the sharpness ;) It is quite a miracle that the shoots at 1/15 and 1/4 (18mm no IS) where usable. Well the 1s exposure didn't work out... :D

Also catching the train and the crossing phase in one picture was not easy because I had to fight with my three buddies for the window spot ;)